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LETÖLTÉS | The Terence McKenna Audio Archive (2011)

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LETÖLTÉS | The Complete Terence Mckenna Collection

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TARTALOM | The Terence McKenna Audio Archive (2011)


/Lectures - Workshops - Audiobooks

(1977) Miguelito Lasky - 'Dave' from True Hallucinations - The Experiment at La Chorrera

(1982) Exploring the Abyss

(1982) Terence McKenna - The Definitive UFO Tape

(1983) Terence McKenna & Sasha Shulgin - Beyond Psychology

(1984) Terence McKenna - Shamanology - Mill Valley

(1984) Terence McKenna - True Hallucinations [320 kbps]

(1985) Terence McKenna & Friends - The Invisible Landscape (peer review)

(1986) Terence McKenna & Kat Harrison - The Rites of Spring

(1988) A Tribute To Albert Hoffmann

(1988) Terence K. McKenna and Riane Tennenhaus Eisler - Man and woman at the end of history.

(1988) Terence McKenna & Ralph Metzner - Shamanism

(1988) Terence McKenna - Places I Have Been

(1988) The Ethnobotany of Shamanism

(1989) Terence Mckenna & Nicole Maxwell - Shamanology of the Amazon

(1989-1998) McKenna, Abraham, and Sheldrake - Trialogues - Psychedelic Salon

(1990) Terence McKenna - History Ends in Green

(1990) Terence McKenna - Thinking Allowed - Aliens and Archetypes

(1991) Michael Toms & Terence McKenna - Reviving the Archaic - A New View of Evolution

(1991) Sacred Plants As Guides

(1991) Unfolding the Stone

(1992) Alchemy and the Hermetic Tradition

(1992) Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge

(1993) Prague Gnosis -Terence McKenna Dialogues

(1993) Terence McKenna - UFO - The Inside Outsider

(1994) Terence Mckenna - Eros & The Eschaton

(1994) Terence Mckenna - Global Perspectives & Psychedelic Poetics

(1994) Terence McKenna - Starwood - Rap Dancing Into the 3rd Millenium

(1995) Plants, Consciousness and Transformation

(1995) Surfing on Finnegan's Wake & Riding Range with Marshall McLuhan

(1995) Terence McKenna - Evolving Times

(1996) - Terence McKenna - The Winter King

(1997) Terence Mckenna - Appreciating Imagination

(1997-1999) Terence McKenna with Art Bell

(1998) Terence Mckenna & Mark Pesce - Techno-Pagans at the End of History

(1998) Terence McKenna - In the Valley of Novelty

(1998) The Evolutionary Mind - McKenna Abraham Sheldrake

(1999) Terence Mckenna - Linear Societies, Nonlinear Drugs

(1999) Terence McKenna - Shamans Among the Machines

(2000) Terence McKenna & Kat Harrison - Victorian Tales of Cannabis


(1993) Spacetime Continuum with Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime

(1993) Terence McKenna & Zuvuya - Dream Matrix Telemetry

(1994) Terence McKenna & Zuvuya - Shamania

(1993) Terence McKenna with Lost at Last

(2001) Journey Through the Spheres - A Tribute to Terence McKenna

(2003) Mark Pesce - The Life and Death of Terence McKenna [Opera]

/Music Single MP3s

Sorcerer - The Plasticity of Time

Funkopath - Skwirm.mp3

1200 Micrograms - Salvia Divinorum.mp3


lO-Outro (Don't Want To Lose Your Love Dub Edit).mp3

Analogue Mindfield - Revolutionary Heartbeat .mp3


Capsula - Ride the Wave.mp3

Chris Organic - The Shaman (V.A. - Cosmic Communication _ 1998 ).mp3

Cosma Shiva - In Memory of Terence.mp3

Cosmic Gnostic and the Astral Travelers - Join the Explorers Club.mp3

Cosmic Gnostic and the Astral Travelers - reclaim your mind.mp3


Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubs - 01 - Skullcap.mp3

Entheogenic - Golden Cap.mp3

Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes.mp3

Enthogenic - Invisible Landscapes.mp3

Fun With Mushrooms 15. Terence McKenna Speaks.mp3

Lauge and Baba Gnohm - The Day After Yesterday.mp3

MudvayneOl Monolith.mp3

Mudvayne09 Mutatis Mutandis.mp3

Mudvaynel2 Recombinant Resurgence.mp3

Mudvaynel7 Lethal Dosage.mp3

Sheryl Crow - Chances Are (B-Side Version).mp3

Shpongle 08 - ...But Nothing is Lost.mp3

Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray!.mp3

Shpongle - Exhalation.mp3

Shpongle - Molecular Superstructure.mp3

slackbaba - 02 - drink more tea.mp3


Terrence McKenna - The Shamen Re-Evolution with Future Sound


/Single MP3s - Lectures/Interviews

(1987) Terence McKenna - Shamanic Approaches to the UFO.mp3

(1988) Terence McKenna & Rupert Sheldrake - Forms and Mysteries.mp3

(1990) Lecture in Maryland - History Is A Psychedelic Trip!.mp3

(1991) Terence McKenna - Seeking the Stone.mp3

(1995) Metamorphosis.mp3

(1997) Terence McKenna - Sydney, Australia.mp3

Bruce Damer and Terence McKenna - Elves, Egos and Avatars.mp3

Bruce Damer, Terence McKenna and Virtual Worlds.mp3

Conversations At The Edge Of Magic.mp3

Gender Talk 162- 7-15-98 - Terence McKenna.mp3

terence mckenna - ayahuasca and it's recipies.mp3

terence mckenna - beyond psychology.mp3

terence mckenna - dmt.mp3

terence mckenna - dreaming awake at the end of time.mp3

terence mckenna - eros&eschaton.mp3

terence mckenna - food of the gods.mp3

Terence Mckenna - Gaia's Midlife Crisis.mp3

terence mckenna - i ching - habit & novelty kut 10-97.mp3

terence mckenna - light of 3rd millenium austin.mp3

terence mckenna - light of 3rd millenium chicago.mp3

terence mckenna - marijuana & hemp - unfolding the leaf kpfk.mp3

terence mckenna - metamorphosis.mp3

terence mckenna - nature is the center of the mandala.mp3

terence mckenna - personal breast beating.mp3

Terence McKenna - Psilocybin and the Sands of Time.mp3

terence mckenna - radiovalve interview.mp3

Terence Mckenna - Some Notes on Planetary Intelligence.mp3

terence mckenna - Starwood rc.mp3

terence mckenna - StateOfTheStone95 rc.mp3

terence mckenna - syntax of psychedelic time-cd2.mp3

Terence McKenna - The Angel in the Monkey.mp3

terence mckenna - the hashish eater.mp3

Terence McKenna - Vertigo At History's Edge (entire).mp3

terence mckenna - vertigo at history's edge.mp3

terence mckenna - visionplants.mp3

terence mckenna - voynich manuscript.mp3

Terence Mckenna - Wetlands - NY.mp3

UFL *06 SWR - Terence Mckenna & Christian Ratsch 7-95.mp3

TARTALOM | The Complete Terence Mckenna Collection


-1999 - 01'
-A Few Conclusions About Life
-Alien Dreamtime
-Alien Love
-Amazonian Shamanism
-Angels, Aliens & Archetypes
-Appreciating Imagination
-Ayahuasca And It's Recipes
-Build Your Own Damn Boat!
-Culture And Ideology Are Not Your Friends!
-Crisis In Consciousness
-Denver Speech
-Dream Awake
-Earth Awake
-Empowering Hope In Dark Times
-Enthobotany Seminar - Linear Societies & Non-Linear Consciousness
-Eros & The Eschaton
-Ethnobotany Of Shamanism
-Evolving Times
-Exploring The Hermetic Tradition
-Global Perspectives And Psychedelic Poetics
-Hasheesh Eater
-Hermeticism And Alchemy
-History Ends In Green
-How To Make Contact With Other Beings
-Imagination In The Light 1
-Importance Of Psychedelics
-In The Valley Of Novelty
  -Art Bell(97,98,99,99)
  -Fractal Soliton Of Impossibility
  -I Ching - Habit And Novelty KUT 10-97
  -Johnathon Ott KPPK
  -Johnathon Ott - Pharmacotheon
  -Marijuana & Hemp - SWR UTL 6 KPPK
  -NPR Interview
  -Radiovalve Interview
  -Terence Mckenna MDMA TV Interview
  -The Last Word
  -The Lost Interview
-I've Lost My Way
-Lessons On Life
-Light Of The 3rd Millennium
-Light Of Nature
-Live At Hollywood Bowl!
-Man And Woman
-Mckenna=Steele - Memory
-Nature Is The Center Of The Mandala
-Neoplatonic Math
-Open Doors
-Opening The Doors Of Creativity
-Personal Breast Feeding
-Planetary Intelligence
-Plants, Consciousness & Transformation
-Plants Of Power
-Posthumus Glory
-Present & Future
-Psychedelic Dreams
-Psychedelic Ideas
-Pushing The Envelope
-Rap Dancing Into The 3rd Millennium
-Riding The Range With Marshall Mcluhann
-State Of The Stone
-Surfing Finnegan's Wake
-Syntax Of Psychedelic Time
-Terence Mckenna - UFO - The Inside Outsider
-Terence Mckenna And Christian Ratsch
-Terence Mkkenna & Friends - The Invisible Landscape - Peer Review
-Terence Mckenna At UXMAL(1998)
-Terence Mckenna On DMT
-Terence-Pesce - Technopagans At The End Of History
-The Importance Of Human Beings
-The Importance Of Psychedelics
-The World And It's Double
-The Rites Of Spring
-Thoughts On Ayahuasca
-Tree Of Knowledge
  -Cast Of Characters
  -Chaos And Imagination
  -Consciousness And Machines
  -Contemplating A Visual Psychedelic Language
  -Creativity And Imagination
  -Creativity And Chaos
  -Crop Circles
  -Education In The New World Order
  -Gender Issues
  -Grassroots Science
  -Hazlewood House
  -History, Fractals And Change
  -Light And Vision
  -Mini Trialogue
  -Morphogenic Family  Fields
  -Psychedelics And Mathematics
  -Reality Check
  -Rethinking Society
  -Saving The World
  -Skepticism And The Balkanization Of Epistemology
  -The Apocalypse
  -The Evolutionary Mind
  -The Heavens
  -The Resaculization Of The World
  -The Unconscious
  -Trialogues At The Edge Of The Millennium
  -What Hawaii Says About Evolution
-Under The Teaching Tree
-Unfolding The Stone
-Vertigo At History's Edge
-Vision Plants
-Voynich Manuscript
-What Science Forgot


-The Alchemical Dream - The Rebirth Of The Great Work(2008)
-Alien Dreamtime
-Dreaming Awake
-Experiment At Petlauma
-Forms And Mysteries With Rupert Sheldrake
-Hallucinogens And Culture
-Mckenna In Maryland
-Psychedelics In The Age Of Intelligent Machines
-Psychedelic Society
-Prague Gnosis
-Seeking The Stone
-Shamanic Approaches To The UFO
-Taxonomy Of Illusion
-The Purpose Of Psychedelics
-The World And It's Double
-Terence Mckenna In Cognition Factor
-Terence Mckenna Greets Timothy Leary At BE-IN SF 1993
-Terence Mckenna On Language
-Terence Mckenna At Rustlers, SA
-Terence Mckenna Rave
-Terence Mckenna On TV
-Terence With Lost At Last(1998)
-The Shamen - Re-Evolution With Terence Mckenna
-Timothy Leary And Art Bell Say Goodbye To Terence Mckenna


-Food Of The Gods + Bookstore Recording
-Lectures On Alchemy
-Psilocybin Mushroom Grower's Guide
-The Archaic Revival
-The Evolutionary Mind
-The Invisible Landscape
-Tryptamines, Hallucinogens And Consciousness
-True Hallucinations(& Audio Book) + Bookstore Recording

-TimeWave Zero

-December 21st, 2012 Video
-Hermetic Systems Fractal Time Software V.7.10