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Guest speakers: Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake, and Terence McKenna


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(Minutes : Seconds into program)

04:11 Ralph begins with "Fractals on my mind, an epic in four parts." . . . Part one, the sandy beach.

13:54 Ralph Abraham: "It’s the fractal boundary, the sandy beach, which destroys determinism."

16:58 Ralph Abraham: "At the age of one, or two, or three, or something, when speech is beginning, what was going on before that? Presumably, that was what everyone was doing before speech came altogether if there ever was such a time. And that childhood paradigm is not vaporized and replaced when the linguistic phase arrives."

23:36 Ralph begins his description of "a mathematical model for monogamy".

26:04 Ralph Abraham: "I’m not saying that order is always bad, but cosmos and chaos just have to be balanced. I wouldn’t elevate chaos above cosmos or vice versa, but systems, probably to be healthy, they need a certain balance."

33:08 Rupert Sheldrake: "Catholicism, in a sense, is a kind of polytheism. You have all the angels. You have all the saints. When you go into a cathedral there’s all those side chapels and shrines. It’s just like a Hindu temple."

40:34 Terence McKenna: "The form that I’ve probably fallen under the sway of is some kind of neo-Platonic pyramid of ever-ascending abstract hypothesizations that lead into the One."

1:12:58 Ralph Abraham: "Science is not mathematical, and mathematics is not science. Science is discovered about the world through the activity of people. Mathematics is an inborn ability that everybody has, like breathing."

1:25:10 Terence McKenna: "Everyone knows that cannabis is trivial and harmless, but that doesn’t mean that we’re on the brink of changing the social taboos about it. It feels to me as though they will never change."



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