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Amanita muscarias ability to resurrect

The Resurrection


The timelapse video above shows the secret of dried Amanita muscaria's ability to resurrect. It is this remarkable natural ability that is the secret of the over flowing Holy Grail, the multiplying Living Bread and the Sacred Wine.

Some people have dismissed these out spun threads as a simple fungi, such as Mucor or cobweb mold that have contaminated the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Yet, Bio-assays of these outspun threads grown on cooked barley, then dried, made by over 50 people, shows that these out spun threads have the same effects as the original dried Amanita muscaria mushroom. Tests run on samples of dried Amanita muscaria gathered from around the world, shows that all subspecies of Amanita muscaria produce exactly the same out spun threads.

The Soma Question
(C)2007 Donald E. Teeter

The identity of the original Vedic Soma had been lost for centuries, in its place various plants had been used as Soma substitutes in the modern version of the Soma Ceremony. Plants such as Ephedra containing Ephedrine an amphetamine, are still used as the most common Soma substitute in India. Yet the identity of the original Vedic Soma was a question of the most vital importance for those studying the earliest Vedas. For two centuries western researchers have been trying to identify the original Vedic Soma "Plant" their research became a quest to answer the Soma Question.

It was Mr. Wasson who first proposed that the common forest mushroom Amanita muscaria was the actual Vedic Soma, a sacred "immortal" "plant" bearing no leaves, blossoms, roots, fruit or seeds, which was turned into a sacred drink bearing the same name in the Soma ceremony. This identification of Amanita muscaria as the lost original Soma was quickly accepted by many Scholars and Ethnobotanists, due to the overwhelming amount of evidence presented by Wasson.

Yet there seemed to be a major flaw in Wasson's theory that Amanita muscaria was the original Soma, in that was that he was never able to produce the psychoactive effects described in the Rig Veda by consuming fresh Amanita muscaria mushrooms or juice pressed from the same. Then the claim was made that the mushrooms had to be dried before using and then re-hydrated before the pressing; a process which is mentioned in the Rig Veda. Drying the Amanita muscaria mushrooms and then making a water extract did yield a far superior drink compared to the juice of fresh mushrooms but many researchers were still disappointed with the results. Some researchers claimed that Amanita muscaria could not be the original Soma since even dried it did not produce all the psychoactive effects of the original Soma. These researchers then began to seek out other possible plants and fungi as candidates for the original Soma.

I believe that Amanita muscaria is the original Vedic Soma and that the discrepancy between the stated effects of Soma in the Rig Veda and those produced by dried Amanita muscaria, water extracted to produce a drink, are caused by an inaccurate understanding of the processes described in the Rig Veda about Soma and the Soma Ceremony.

This misunderstanding is caused by modern people, who do not understand the implications of the term "immortal" when applied to the Soma plant, and that this modern lack of knowledge in the proper way to handle Amanita muscaria is the cause of the discrepancy. Modern western man has a tendency to focus on the "plants" used by Shamans world wide and tends to ignore the "processes" used by these same people on these plants. Now many plants used by Shaman’s are not active or even usable in their natural state and may require extensive processing before being used. In the case of the South American Ayahuasca brew, different species of plants containing different chemical compounds must be combined in certain proportions and then processed in a certain way or the resulting brew is worthless or worse even toxic.

Soma Pavamana

In all the Hymns of the 9th book of the Rig Veda, Soma is called Soma Pavamana as an official title. Soma is "the pressed one" while Pavamana means "self purifying" so the title literally means "the pressed one, self purifying." Now the concept of "self purifying" as applied to Soma automatically implies several things; first that the Soma Nature provided is some how "impure" and must be purified before being used. Second that Soma is the active agent in its own purification during the process of the Soma Ceremony as described in the Hymns of Rig Veda book 9.

To begin; we will look at the process described in the Rig Veda.

1. Dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms are re-hydrated in a small bowl by sprinkling them with water or soaking them in a small amount of water (both methods seemed to be used).

2. After proper re-hydration the mushrooms are pressed to recover the Soma Juice using "fingers" "wooden boards" or pressing "stones" which correspond to the first, second and third pressing of the mushrooms, as the same Soma plants were re-hydrated and pressed three times in one day. The expressed juice was caught in a small bowl for the next stage of the process.

3. The resulting juice was poured on to the high end of a wooden trough a few feet long, set at a shallow angle lined with the "eternal fleece". The purpose of this is to filter the particles of Soma plant from the Soma juice. When dried Amanita muscaria is re-hydrated, in three days or less it displays its Immortality as it "calls forth the out spun thread" and grows mycelium that greatly resembles Sheep Wool and that this Soma created "wool" is the "eternal fleece" used to filter the Soma juice; thus the meaning of the Rig Veda Title Pavamana "self purifying". It must be remembered that not only is the mushroom "immortal" but also that every drop of the Soma juice is capable of coming back to life in three days and creating its own out spun threads, so any new wooden or terracotta vessel used to hold the Soma juice will be alive with woolly mycelium in a few days.

4. The now purified juice fell into a large wooden vat sitting at the end of the filtering trough, that was also growing the eternal fleece from previous use, into this vat a cooled previously cooked mixture of barley, water, milk, and honey was added to the small amount of Soma juice in the vat. (This is one of three recipes I decoded from the Rig Veda; the Eternal fleece loves its food, "Soma grows great with food") Note; it is unclear if the now cooled, strained, cooked barley water brew was also poured on the filtering trough or simply poured into the wooden vat.

5. After a certain time had passed during which specific Hymns were sung, the Soma was dipped out of the large vat using wooden ladles coated with the eternal fleece, into wooden or terracotta pitchers also growing the eternal fleece. The Soma was then poured into the individual wooden or terracotta cups of the Soma ceremony participants. Now, if the cup had been used to drink Soma previously it too, would be lined with the eternal fleece.

6. Each contact of the Soma juice with the eternal fleece living in the different vessels used in the process would greatly increase the strength of the Soma drink. The resulting Soma in a cup is orders of magnitude stronger than the undiluted original juice pressed from the re-hydrated Amanita muscaria mushrooms.

7. Not only is the self purified Soma far stronger than the original dried mushroom juice, it has different qualities compared to the original juice which seems some what toxic to many people producing nausea, stomach upset, sweating. The Soma drink self purified with its own eternal fleece produces a smooth experience generating almost no negative physical symptoms and a higher quality spiritual experience.

8. It is the magical process of the Soma ceremony that creates something unattainable directly from Nature. The Soma ceremony is a glorious transmutation process in which Natures gift of the Amanita muscaria mushroom is multiplied, strengthened, and self purified. The presence of the Living Vessels growing the Eternal Fleece are very important factors in the original Soma ceremony, which all previous researchers into the Soma Question have missed entirely.

There is still debate in the scientific community, as to whether the Eternal fleece is a special form of the mycelium of Amanita muscaria that outwardly resembles a simpler fungus. Or; if it is a simple fungus such as a "Mucor" species that is intimately associated only with Amanita muscaria, perhaps Amanita pantherina, and a few other closely related species. As far as the Soma Question is concerned it doesn't make any difference what modern science finally says the eternal fleece is. The only important point is that the ancient Sages and Seers who composed the Rig Veda obviously knew the "Eternal fleece" and used it as an integral and very important part of the whole Soma ceremony. However; it must be pointed out that these same Seers and Sages believed that the eternal fleece was indeed a form of Amanita muscaria, thus their multitude of references to Soma as "Immortal." Now, as one of the few modern people who have tasted the products created with this Eternal fleece, and tasted the dried Eternal fleece itself, I have to completely agree with this extremely ancient belief. The properly dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms have a distinctive pleasant smell and taste, nothing else in the world smells and tastes like the dried A muscaria mushroom, except the dried Eternal fleece, which is very aromatic. When you compare the smell, taste, physical and mental effects, shared by the dried A muscaria mushroom and the dried fleece generated from the same mushroom any reasonable person would have to believe Amanita muscaria is “Immortal”.

In conclusion Amanita muscaria is the original Vedic Soma and the differences between the dried mushrooms re-hydrated and then juiced and the Vedic Soma are due to a modern misconception of the process of the Soma ceremony and until now our complete ignorance of the importance of the Eternal Fleece and the Living vessels in the "self purification" of Soma. That the original Vedic Soma could not be any other "plant" is also proven by the facts that Soma is "Immortal" that it "calls forth the out spun thread" and generates the "Eternal Fleece" from “living drops”, all things that dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms do with ease when re-hydrated, and which all the other "plant" candidates proposed as the original Vedic Soma can not do at all.

Donald E. Teeter

A few Rig Veda references
The "Eternal fleece" Rig Veda 9-1-6
Soma as "Immortal God" Rig Veda 9-3-1
"Thou callest forth the out spun thread" Rig Veda 9-22-7
"Eternal Pavamana" Rig Veda 9-78-3
"born Immortal" Rig Veda 9-108-12
"Purified in his fleecy garb" Rig Veda 9-16-6
"living drops" Rig Veda 9-64-17
"the Everlasting One" Rig Veda 9-72-6
"it's threads are standing separate, glittering with light"Rig Veda 9-83-2
"Immortal Soma" Rig Veda 9-84-2

Sacred-texts Rig Veda book 9
Sacred-texts Sama Veda






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