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Shipibo Konibo-A Rite Of Passage (2005)

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Shipibo-Konibo is a journey into the heart of the Amazonian rain forest but also a metaphorical journey, an exploration of Shamanic states of mind. The Mahua Shamans invite us to partake in Ayahuasca for healing and telepathic communion.  It was the Shaman’s plan to revive the tribal ‘Aneshiati’ ritual one last time. During the ceremony the entire cultural heritage of the Shipibo-Konibo: dances, songs, drinks, clothing and ceramics come alive around a Rite of Passage. Shipibo-Konibo is about the narrow passage between the mind and the forest, the male and the female, the profane and the sacred, the raw and the cooked. It is about the meeting between ‘us’ and ‘them’, a realization of innocence and loss of it and yet, finding unexpected hope for humankind.




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